Welcome New Boaters!

With thousands of new boaters hitting the water this season, we've put together a special page just for you.
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The Annual Return to the Water!

Spring boating is the best kind of boating. It’s the annual return to the joy of being out on the water.

Spring is also the season when boaters should be thinking about the marine version of “spring cleaning”. There are a couple of things that should be handled every spring to ensure a great boating season for the rest of the year. See the helpful links below from Discover Boating for a Spring refresher.

Spring Commissioning Checklist
Must-Have Boating Safety Equipment
Boating Safety Tips for 2021: Advice from Real Captains

You Spend Time on Land
But Live Life on the Water!

As boaters, we are always ready to get out on the water and bond with family, spend quality time with a loved one, or simply enjoy nature. Browse through our website and you will find all of your New Jersey Boating Resource all in one place.

Many boaters, both experienced and brand new, have been hitting the water in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. And what better way to socially distance? With gatherings and vacations canceled, having a boat is like going on vacation on-demand. Following a few simple suggestions to improve your safety and others' safety will help everyone enjoy boating at this time.

Click Here for Social Distancing Guidelines for Safe Boating.

Help Support the Association that Keeps Boaters on the Water

If you enjoyed boating and our beautiful waterways this summer, then you should know who helps to make that happen! The Marine Trades Association of New Jersey is a non-profit organization that works year-round protecting, promoting, and advancing the boating industry in New Jersey. The MTA/NJ is comprised of the businesses that help get you out on the water every season. This year, the MTA/NJ has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic due to many canceled events and loss of funding. We are asking to please consider donating and supporting the MTA/NJ through this challenging time. Click Here to Donate to New Jersey Boating Today!

Enjoy Your Boat on New Jersey's Waterways, Rivers and Lakes!

There is something very special about being out on the water. It is a place where people can spend time with their friends and family enjoying nature, fishing, cruising, swimming, dining or water sports. Spending summers on the water and enjoying all that New Jersey has to offer is a way of life for residents and visitors. Boating is a pastime that becomes part of your very being – part of one’s psyche. In New Jersey, there are 127 miles of coastline, hundreds of miles of bay-shore, many inland lakes and tributaries and 17 of 21 counties bordering on saltwater. All of these beautiful waterways and natural resources offer enriching opportunities for self-discovery, whether it’s simply enjoying the warm glow of an evening sunset on the water, fishing or enjoying water activities with children, friends and family. Recreational boating is a great way for families to spend time together and, more importantly, can be a very valuable experience for children that provides plenty of learning opportunities. Exposing children to fresh air, sunshine, marine life, and the environment offers quality bonding time for everyone involved.

With so many opportunities for boating fun in New Jersey, there’s no reason why anyone can’t take advantage of all of benefits that boating has to offer and discover why life truly is better with a boat.

Let's Go Boating NJ!