Go Boating NJ Mission Statement

The GoBoatingNJ initiative was launched in 2013 to provide boaters throughout the Region with accurate and current information on the condition of New Jersey’s waterways. When Hurricane Sandy came ashore in late October 2012, reports of unprecedented destruction to marine facilities, navigation aids and channels left boaters wondering if there would be a boating season in 2013. The initiative was launched to address those concerns by providing coverage of the restoration efforts taking place each day by scores of volunteers and organizations, as well as municipal, state and federal agencies. A new website, goboatingnj.org was created and included videos, links and boating resources.

Go Boating NJ campaign’s objectives have now shifted to solely promoting boating in New Jersey and doing so by sharing the excitement of boating and all that it has to offer, highlighting NJ’s most popular boating areas, destinations and activities and much more. Check with us often for new information and exciting updates. Happy Boating!

GoBoatingNJ promotes boating all season long through our social media outlets, news releases and the website. The Go Boating NJ campaign will be sharing boating information, tips and resources as well as highlighting some of NJ's most popular boating areas. We are always looking for new and interesting content to share on our Go Boating NJ social media pages so if you have any ideas or submissions, please contact us at [email protected]. Help us to inform, excite and engage the boaters of NJ!

See You On The Water!